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  • Aug 03,  · Cadence And Cascade (Featuring Boz Burrell) There’s been a long history of different studio vocal renditions of Cadence And Cascade. First was Greg Lake’s guide vocal during the early part of the Poseidon sessions which was itself replaced by Gordon Haskell’s rendition a few weeks later.
  • Robert Fripp (guitar/mellotron) enlisted Gordon Haskell (bass/vocals) -- from the pre-Krim combo the League Of Gentlemen -- to handle the delicate and highly melodic vocals. Lyrically, Peter Sinfield weaves a tender tale of a pair of groupies [AKA Cadence and Cascade] and ruminates about their special brand of .
  • Feb 10,  · "Cadence and Cascade" King Crimson, from the album In The Wake of Poseidon Written by Robert Fripp and Peter Sinfeld (lyrics) (NOTE: .
  • Aug 03,  · The latest Mister Stormy's Monday Selection is a very special remix of the backing tracks for Cadence And Cascade with a live vocal by Boz from a gig. The result is something rather magical Spotted recently in the blogosphere – .
  • Cadence and Cascade Kept a man named Jade Cool in the shade While his audience played Purred, whispered "Spend us too We only serve for you" Sliding mystified On the wine of the tide Stared pale-eyed As his veil fell aside Sad paper courtesan They found him just a man Caravan Hotel Where the sequin spell fell Custom of the game Cadence oiled in love Licked his velvet gloved hand Cascade .
  • About “Cadence and Cascade” Sung by Robert Fripp ’s old schoolfriend and teenage bandmate Gordon Haskell, this is the first King Crimson track not to feature the lead vocals of founding.
  • Feb 03,  · Cadence And Cascade was one of the abiding mysteries of King Crimson’s second studio album, being the only vocal track on the record not sung by Greg Lake but by a then-guesting, Gordon Haskell. The common consensus from talking to all of the players involved in the making of In The Wake Of Poseidon, including Greg himself, was that Cadence.
  • Answered November 23, · Author has K answers and M answer views To oversimplify: Jade is a glam rock star, who has two groupies named Cadence and Cascade in love with him. Or they THINK they are. In reality, they’re in love with the glamorous, heavily made up, sequined star they see on stage.
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